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Modernize Education, in minutes while meeting Common Core Goals.
Create Compelling and Engaging Courses and Projects
Experience Revelant and Empowering Education
Create Media-Rich, Dynamic and Interactive Learning Materials.
Develop Apps and Modules that are LMS Ready


Everything you will need in one place, Designed to Work Together!

  • Alerts keep you up to date on what's important and keeps your work moving along smoothly.
  • Easily create groups of friends, connections, peers, or co-workers. Easily share and collaborate in a safe and efficient environment.
  • No need to pen documents via word. Gambassa has a rich-format word editor in the browser. Embed videos, images, and audio in a flash.
  • Newsfeeds for classrooms, profiles, and groups keep everyone up to date.
  • Connections, groups, classrooms...share, collaborate, and excel together!
  • Syndicate content in or out. Create feeds for what matters most. Save time by checking just one source.
  • Mobile apps keeps classmates working on projects outside of the classroom. Do projects directly in the app!
  • Gambassa is designed for project-based learning. Build Best-In-Class portfolios.
  • Keep your files safe with fully integrated security on all items, even the items you've shared.
  • Communicate on the go, while working on projects or events.
  • Create one or more blogs with ease. Share blogs by group, one for peers, students, co-workers, or professionals.
  • Secure discussions with connections, groups, or by assignment help keep everyone on the right track.
  • Internal messaging keeps everything in one place, organized, managed, and concise.
  • Audio and playlists help keep your original recordings sounding great and ready to share in assignments, projects, blogs, or webpages.
  • Keeping track of connections can be tedious. Build a contact list with all the information needed to complete assignments, projects, or events conveniently handy.
  • Keep track of events, todos, reminders, assignments, projects, Sylabus dates, or special occasions in one place.
  • Build a library of original works for inclusion in projects, assignments, or for your portfolio. Works on all devices. Also build content libraries from youtube videos easily.
  • Sharing is caring, and now you can easily keep track of items in your news feed or from connections by pinning them.
  • Getting more done with less hassle is a breeze with task tracking. Tasks can be shared with others, groups, classes, or as part of assignments. Get reminders and calendared due dates.
  • Upload, edit, and collect important images for projects, assignments, memories, or portfolios. Easily edit and share directly in Gambassa.
  • Gambassa has these features plus hundreds more designed to modernize your classroom in one swoop.

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